LTI (L&T Infotech), through their social initiatives help empower communities through programs focused on bringing about a positive change. With a dedicated team of volunteers, they help enhance the skills of marginalized youth and women, improve the quality of education for children of marginalized communities, provide special education and skills for the physically and intellectually challenged people, and address the critical issue of environment conservation. Their projects help promote sustainable community development, with a commitment to promote the cause of creating a more inclusive society.

Friends Union for Energising Lives (FUEL) stems from the understanding that the youth in India form one of the most vulnerable groups, who on the one hand are expected to be the leaders to determine the destiny of India, and on the other lack essential information and opportunities to succeed in life. Youth in the age group of 15-29 years comprise 27.5% of the population. There exists a huge potential to increase the contribution of this class of the nation’s citizenry by increasing their labour force participation and their productivity. FUEL is a non-profit organisation which has its origins in Pune, was initiated in 2006 and emerged from the idea of providing students with access to information and opportunities.